“That they may have life; life in its fullness.”
(John: 10.10)

Daya Mina, or ‘Gem of Love’ is a centre for young girls and boys with special needs. Started in 1989, it is a government approved Charity under the Sudaya Trust ( Gazette 93/07/624 and recognized under the social services ( Col 41/91). With a western province registration: WP/SSD/C/DH/2013/02.

‘Daya Mina’ is a religious organisation run by the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary who are determined to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the so-called “disabled” are in fact differently-abled in varying degrees and are far from being invalids of society.

At present, there are about 60 students coming from all walks of life... Some students need to be sponsored. The staff are accompanied and given ongoing formation, on the job training locally and overseas.

It offers more opportunities for the mentally challenged to participate in many activities and skills. Dancing, singing and creation of works of art of various forms are daily activities at Day Mina. Trained teachers in special education, visiting experts and volunteers are part and parcel of the academic staff of Daya Mina.

Our Motto, “That they may have life; life in its fullness.” (Jn. 10.10) expresses the core values of the Centre. Each person is unique and valuable; therefore our aim is that all associated with Daya Mina may develop their full potential, both as carers, trainers and those who are guided and trained.


Our Mission
Recognising the inherent richness of every child and young person with a learning disability, we aim to provide the best possible environment and training opportunities to all in our services and to further their dignity; thus enabling them to take their rightful place in society living life as fully as possible.
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Our Story
Daya Mina is a part of a larger organisation, the Sudaya Trust, which is an approved Charity.An advisory Committee comprising parents and well wishers helps carry out the special events on the annual program. The Directress, Sisters and staff run the actual programme in keeping with the Vision and Policy.
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Our Vision
The child with an intellectual challenge is a child/person like any other. There are latent and hidden talents which need to be discovered and nurtured. However the general norm is that they will not perform to a high degree of ability except in exceptional cases, it's important to know and understand a child's disability and learn to work within its confines, rather than expecting the disability to go away. Learning a child's strengths and helping her compensate for weaknesses will play an important role in fostering success.
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The measure of a life, after all, is not its duration, but its donation. Corrie Ten Boom
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Avurudu Celebrations

The annual Avurudu celebrations is one of most looked forward to events for the differently abled youth of Daya Mina. This year the event was organized and animated by the Marist Youth Ministry with the support of Sisters, Teachers & Parents of Daya Mina. The spirit of taking part is more prevalent than winning or losing which makes these children special as they teach others by their actions rather than words. A selection of photos is presented here to give an overview of the Sooriya Festival which you can see was enjoyed by all present.

Daya Mina Christmas Concert

Daya Mina Walk

Gardening Workshop

The Students’ visit to the exhibition held at the British International Scholl, Colombo

Asian International school Community social group visited Daya Mina and the FUN was mutual. Thank you so much, AIS !

The Cookery Class!

The Girl Guides!