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The Students went on a day out with Barfe Trip on the Beira Lake and Snacks in the park.
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Daya Mina Celebrates 30th Anniversary
Daya Mina Center for the Differently Abled Persons celebrated their 30th Anniversary recently.
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LED Bulb Training Programme
LED bulb training programme for the Students of Daya Mina centre for the differently abled. Organised by the good offices of Mrs Illeperuma of the Maharagama Pradeshiya Social services. The [...]
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Children With Down Syndrome
I am one of those people who have been greatly blessed by growing up with a sister who had Down Syndrome. Dina was the best thing that could have ever [...]
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“It’s time again for another birth” Said the Angels to the Lord above “This Special Child will need much love” “She may not run, nor laugh nor play, Her thoughts [...]
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Special Education Services Available in Schools
Special Education Services Available in Schools What special school services is my ADHD child entitled to? It is important for parents to be aware and knowledgeable about the types of [...]
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Educational Options for Children with Autism
As with so much in the world of autism, the definition of a good educational program depends upon the needs of the individual child. Thus, while there are certain elements [...]
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Special Education in Collaborative Classrooms
Special Education in Collaborative Classrooms There Are Many Different Ways to Provide Services to Special Education Students In special education, the term “collaboration” refers to a team teaching approach. In [...]
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What is Inclusion in Special Education?
What is Inclusion in Special Education? Inclusion is one of many options for special needs students. Inclusion in special education programs is an important part of the continuum of special [...]
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July 2021
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