General Objectives

General Objectives

1. To provide the best possible care, training and education for the child or young person with a disability or is differently-abled in Sri Lanka, this facilitates and stimulates the psychological, sensory, intellectual and spiritual growth and development.

2. To provide a program suited for each individual that maximizes their ability to grow towards a degree of independent living.

3. To give a good foundation for the establishment of a basic sense of trust in people and in the environment and to encourage them to use to the full their own experiences in understanding and mastering the world around them.

4. The cooperation and education of the family and society is very essential. Therefore regular programs for parents, siblings, relatives and friends are organized.

5. A high quality training for the staff of our Centers will always be ensured. This will be in collaboration with others centers and with other organizations at either national or international level. Constant updating and keeping informed with the latest techniques and methods of approach is essential.

6. The ultimate goal is to make the child/adult with a different ability, a productive member of society, as his/her ability permits, while at the same time respecting his/her individuality as a person and their God given dignity and worth.