Meth Mihira

meth mihira

This Centre was started almost immediately after the Tsunami in 2005. To cater for the numerous Down syndrome and otherwise affected children in the area or immediate vicinity.

Translated to be the “Place of Love and Happiness”, “Meth Mihira” provides day care, early intervention and an outreach programme for the  differently abled young child and person up to the age of 25. “Meth Mihira” helps young people to develop their social and communication and skills.

 This programme is built around the needs of each student and allows each individual to broaden their understanding of daily life activities. Our motto is “What we inherit from Christ is Love; Love for God, his Father, and Love for each other and Love for all people, especially the poor who are abandoned by the world.” Founder, Fr. Joseph Triest.

The programme in Meth Mihira as in Supem Uyana and includes:

  • Communication Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Creative Activities
  • Personal and Domestic Skills
  • Literacy and Numeracy Skills
  • Activities of Daily Life
  • Music Skills
  • Vocational and Workshop Activities.
  • Scouting

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