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Daya Mina is a part of a larger organisation, the Sudaya Trust, which is an approved Charity. An Advisory Committee comprising parents and well wishers helps carry out the special events on the annual program. The Directress, Sisters and staff run the actual programme in keeping with the Vision and Policy.

We strive to provide individually based optimal training facilities for young people with learning disabilities to uphold their dignity.

Daya Mina Centre, for young people with different abilities is committed to providing vocational and training opportunities for young persons with learning disabilities. There is an ongoing vigilance to ensure that the level of input stimulates and challenges the student while not putting unnecessary pressure on them . Services and programs to promote these benefits for the students strive to complement and support the regular services and programs of family and society. Achieving full participation and integration of people with disabilities requires the cooperative efforts of all; the Sisters, staff, Parents, medical personnel, clerical staff, volunteers and students.