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Our Vision

Our vision is that every one of the people under our care is fully alive!  A family and society that accepts and includes!  An environment that allows the differently gifted the right to live in society, participating in every facet of life, at home, at work, intermingling socially or simply being an accepted part of the population.

“A mentally or physically differently disabled child should enjoy a full and decent life in conditions which ensure dignity, promote self reliance and facilitate the child’s active participation in the community”.

The programme carried out at Daya Mina strives to underline and uphold the dignity of the young persons from all walks of life and enables them to develop to the fullest the potential which is inherent in them.

The programme provided includes  among others :

  • Self help and independence skills
  • Communication and language skills with speech therapy

Special programs included the guidance of a psychiatrist (UK), medical advice from a board member, speech therapy and art therapy.

  • Vocation skill training: which includes Envelopes, carpentry, sewing, candles, chutney, wine making, carpets, cards, horticulture and other.
  • Parent counseling
  • Staff training
  • Open to visits from the medical students and trainee nurses as part of their training.
  • Interaction and participation with other centres and in public events

Often used as a base for student volunteers from overseas who present theses for doctorate or masters degrees.

The child with an intellectual challenge is a child/person like any other. There are latent and hidden talents which need to be discovered and nurtured. However the general norm is that they will not perform to a high degree of ability except in exceptional cases, it’s important to know and understand a child’s disability and learn to work within its confines, rather than expecting the disability to go away. Learning a child’s strengths and helping her compensate for weaknesses will play an important role in fostering success.