Supem Uyana

Supem uyana The garden of love

This was the very first home and residential centre by the sisters of Charity. This is a place for children with different abilities.

It was established in 1964 and is designed in cottage style, surrounding the main building. Presently there are 4 cottages housing 4 family units. Supem Uyana cares for boys and girls of ages varying from 3 to 20. Most of the children enter at a very early age and leave when they are sufficiently trained in  independence. Supem Uyana marked 53 years this year. Many hundreds of children have passed through these portals over the years.,

The functional units of the centre are:

  • Residential care and training.
  • The Activity Centre based on the Montessori method
  • Vocational training
  • The Staff training programme, recognised by the Social Services.
  • Farm and Garden

Each unit is based on a family system. With the children ranging in age and under the guidance of a religious sister and female staff members. Supem Uyana is a nonprofit organization and an approved Charity under the aegis of the Bishop of Galle and the Sudaya Trust.

For Admissions: Apply to the Mother superior; an appointment is then given for an initial screening procedure.


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